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Hi.. Can anyone recommend me a good polarizing filter (for 58mm) n its price? Read that such a filter wld not affect the overall colour balance of a its ok to leave it on the lens permanently rite?



-- liang (, March 19, 2002


Marumi seems to be good with my f65, u might have some problem having ur polarizer permantly, while taking ur close ups and potrait.

-- Ramanan (, April 06, 2002.

think the filter you're talking about, the one you can leave on your lens all the time, is the UV filter, which is different from a polarizing filter. not sure about prices though, sorry. between linear and circular, you should get circular, since the linear type may interfere with your autofocus system.

-- victoria ho (, August 26, 2002.

If you buy a cheap filter and place it in front of your expensive good lenses, wouldn't it degrade your lenses? Wait alittle longer, research more on polarising filters. Its alot to be learnt. Try to get circular polarisers. Like Victoria said, linear ones will mess with your AF. Also choose one that's multi coated. It will prolong its life. Hoya, Tiffen and B&H (<-- I think) are good brands to stick with.

-- Des (, January 29, 2003.

Hi Liang,

Best keep a UV or skylight filter permanently on your lens. It's easier and cheaper to replace a broken filter than a front element. Both types will not affect the colour and quality of your pictures.

As for a polarizer, I agree with the others that a circular PL would be better as a linear one can sometimes affect the AF and AE of your camera. What a polarizer basically does is remove reflections and intensifies colours. It's particuarlly useful if you're taking a pic of something behind glass, over water, or you want to intensify a blue sky (be sure to use it at right angles to the sun's rays for the best effect.) I consider it a "specialist" filter and don't leave it on my lenses permanently, unlike the previous two mentioned earlier.

Be prepared to fork out $30 - $45 depending on the size you want. (a UV filter is in the region of $10 - $12)

Hope this helps.


-- PM (, January 31, 2003.

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