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Last september i bought a 78 CB550K for $50 with every intention of restoring it to rideable condition. now it's march and the engine is in pieces and the rest of the bike is in another city entirely. i contacted a guy who's selling a 77 CB550 (at least he thinks it's a 77...i haven't even seen it yet). assuming i buy the 77, would i be able to use the 78 for spare parts or should i just get rid of it?

-- Amanda Itnyre (, March 19, 2002


If the other bike is a '77 then it is probably a "F" model meaning its a supersport. You have a "K" model which is the touring model. I've read here and in several other locations that there are no differences between the two models other than cosmetics (seat, exhaust system). You should not have any problems swapping parts between a '77 and '78. How much is the guy asking for the '77? I personally think the supersports are much more "stylish" and if the original exhaust is in good shape you will have a great bike. The 4 into 1 exhausts are very difficult to find in good shape.

$50.00 is not bad for a backup parts bike/engine. Good luck with your purchase and restore job.

-- Mike (, March 20, 2002.

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