what do i use to encode from tape format to vcd format?

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how do i capture the tape on to the computer, how do i record it to the computer? and then after what do i use to encode the tape format into a vcd format?

-- stephen a. garcia (garciastephen@hotmail.com), March 18, 2002


You need to install a capture card in your computer, and connect from the A/V output of your VHS deck to the input of your capture card. The capture software usually comes with your capture card. Then encode your captured movie files to MPEG1/VCD files by using either of "TMPGenc", "Panasonic MPEG1 Encoder", or "Xing MPEG Encoder". Finally, use "Nero-Burning ROM" or "VCD Creator (from Easy CD Creator)" to burn to a VCD.

-- Frederic (frederic@eltw.nec.com.tw), March 18, 2002.

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