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I found out some thing I didnt today (course there are alot of things I dont know) anyway canon FD lense dosent make any differnce weather yhe lense has breech-Look or Baynet eather one will work on AE1-Program just in case some one else was wondering.


-- Lyle Mann (, March 18, 2002


Here's another:

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Yes, the FD mounts come in both "FD" (silver ring) and "New FD" (all black) flavours. You can find an enormous amount of info about them by searching this forum or doing an internet search through or other engines.

Although it's common practice to refer to the original FD mount as a "breech lock" type (probably because artillery and torpedo tube breech doors use similar rotating rings) it is sloppy practice and not really useful at all. The breech is simply the rear of a mechanism and ALL interchangeable lenses for ALL cameras (that I know of, anyway) lock in the breech. A 'muzzle locking' lens would be quite an oddity. The bayonet fitting, also, is not acurately descriptive of the New FD mount. Stick to FD (or old FD) and New FD.

All FD and all New FD lenses (with several specific exceptions) work on all Canon FD-mount cameras. CAUTION: To mount a New FD lens on an older body that has no automatic diaphragm feature (the FT, FTb, &c.), you must be sure the lens is not set to "A" (automatic) or it will jam as it's mounted. Cheers.

-- Robert Segal (, March 19, 2002.

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