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Compare and contrast the utilitarian approach, the moral-rights approach and the justice approach to ethical decision making.Using examples, which do you believe is the best for managers to follow? Why?

-- Titilia Kunahau (, March 18, 2002


Hey Sis! to my response of your question it might be too late for you to justify...but to my little knowledge of the utilitarian & the moral rights of comparing and contrast between each be honest I have no clue what so ever. Wish I could help, but I only have beeter knowledge of architectures & designing concepts. I wish you all the success throughout your studies and hope you have met the right answers throughout the public taht have responded to your question. I know it might be a surprise for you that I finally got in contact with you. And hope to hear from you soon. Love always....Carol

-- Carol Tamani (, May 30, 2002.

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