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Did Reinhart Wolf (German architectural photographer) ever publish a book of his photographs? Is it available in the U.S.? Is it available abroad, and if so how may I get my hands on it?

Thanks much to anyone who may know.

-- E Rothman (, March 18, 2002


harry abrams published "villas of venito" back in 1988. there are a couple of copies still floating around.

-- jnorman (, March 18, 2002.

In 1.990 I buyed here in Spain a book of Reinhart Wolf called New York. Was really stuning photographs of buildings and a interviw with R.W.from Andy Warhol. In november 1.991 I see this book in a bookstore called "A photographers place in New York city. Valeri

-- Valeri Bonjorn Farreny (, March 18, 2002.

go to and you will find lots of used copies at a wide range of prices. (great place for used photography books...)

tim a

-- tim atherton (, March 18, 2002.

Reinhart Wolf has published several books, though most of them are now out-of-print. However, German Schirmer-Mosel Publishers has just reissued Wolf's book "Castillos", which is about Spanish Castles. German photographic bookshop Lindemanns ( has still some copies of German language Die Villen von Venetien (Ville Veneti). Wolf's other books include "The Culture of Eating" about Japanese food and eating manners (out-ofprint). From New York he has also published a book. And still one, the title being "The Faces of Buildings". (out-of-print). I am not sure, if this last mentioned is the same one as the "New York".

Best Regards

-- tauno vintola (, March 19, 2002.

Reinhart Wolf was a german advertising photographer and filmmaker, that passed away some ten years ago. He started documenting building in the late sixties by photographing monumental brick buildings in Germany then the skyscrapers of New York and the Castels of Spain using an 8x10" and long lenses. He also dit books on the food of China an Japan where the superiority of large format food photography is well demonstraited. Early on in his carrier he was also a great portraitist.

-- Gudmundur Ingˇlfsson (, March 19, 2002.

There are several examples of Reinhart Wolf's work in the Sinar published large format book series - particularly the Architecture edition. And, of course, there is his snowy facade in the Nikkor Large Format lens brochure.

Walter Glover

-- Walter Glover (, March 19, 2002.

His book "New York" is monumental. I also have "Castillos" in small format, w/text in German (iirc). Both of these came from "A Photographer's Place in NYC, which has unfortunately gone out of business.

-- Mark Sampson (, March 27, 2002.

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