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How do i make a good quality vcd from a tape? or a dvd? what do i need to make the vcd?

-- stephen a. garcia (, March 18, 2002


The way to creat a Video CD from a VHS tape is differnet from that from a DVD disc. If your source is a VHS tape, you should connect the A/V output from the VHS recorder to your capture card's A/V input. Then capture the video and then encode and burn a Video CD. If your source is a DVD disc, you can use some softwares, such as "DVD2MPG squeezer" or "FlaskMPEG" to encode to Video CD directly. You don't have to capture the video from a stand-alone DVD player. Some DVDs have copy protection "MacroVision" and won't let you to do so.

-- Frederic (, March 18, 2002.

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