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Global Citizens Wed.20Mar. 11:16am PST Cal State Northridge, equinox, Earth Day Ceremony for Earth Charter, GCSEN meeting

When I spoke with Brian O'Leary this morning he said in light of the squabbles happening etc he could not come to any Mar.20 evening meeting on Mar.20 at Agape (I would come) and since I have not heard from Debbie or Terri back on that plan, I have set up the below for the daytime. Let me know if there is an evening meeting set that day to which I can come and bring results of below described event.



A Global Emergency Alert Response:

I spoke with GCSEN convening authority Dr. Brian O'Leary on the phone this morning and confirmed his participation, and also with hemp re-legalization movement leader Jack Herer on the phone just now, for a ceremony I will be conducting at California State University Northridge from 10:46am to 11:16am Wednesday, March 20, 2002, in coordination with similar ceremonies at the United Nations and in many locations simultaneously around the world, ending with the ringing of a bell as a prayer for "Global Peace Now!" marking the moment of Spring Equinox on this annual date recognized by the United Nations and former President Ford, et. al., as the orginal spiritually focused annual Earth Day to promote the Earth Charter, the original initiative which inspired the April 22 commemorative EarthDay events. This public ceremony will be followed by informal no-host lunch with interested participants, thereafter followed by a two-hour leadership meeting in a room to be announced then at CSUN arranged courtesy of the CSUN Alumni Association.

Dr. O'Leary will be making a formal presentation at this meeting to expand the "Global Citizens for a Sustainable Existence Now!" Simultaneous Policy Agenda, committee leaders will be designated and announced to begin the formal process of collaboration to bring the "Five Fingers of The Hand of Peace" (first five Agenda items) into strategies targeting its June 13th implementation initiation via the United Nations and US Congress in support and paralleling the Space Preservation Act of 2002 and Global Treaty, the multilateral global Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act of 2001, the Climate Stabilization Act and Treaty of 2002, the Energy Reform Act, and a national full re-legalization for all purposes Hemp Reform Act.

One of the many such ceremonies at that time around the world will be taking place in special conjunction in Taos, New Mexico, conducted by Rev. Dr. Yusen Yamato who is the initiator of the Global Peace Walk project and convenor of its annual Spiritual Environmental Summit events in Taos, April 20-22, 2002, which will also feature participation of myself and Dr. O'Leary (just confirmed this morning) among 12 presenters at this "Global Peace Now!" theme event as recognized by proclamations of outgoing New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, the Mayors of Taos and Santa Fe, former US representative to the UN and former US Department of Energy Secretary Bruce Richardson now running for Governor of New Mexico, and many other political, community, spiritual, and organizational leaders over the years since the first Gobal Peace Walks across America in 1995 and 2000 to mark the 50th & 55th anniversaries of the United Nations and its designation of 1995-2004 as the UN Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples, and 2000-2009 as the UN Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace for the 21st Century whose program director at the UN was on the recent panel with Dr. O'Leary in the Bahamas on "Re-Inheriting The Earth" mirroring the title of Dr. O'Leary's new book coming out next month "Re-Inheriting The Earth: Awakening to Sustainable Solutions and Greater Truths." (See related iscussion groups for latest draft text of final chapter, Chapter 8: "Overcoming The Insurmountable"

******* Mar.20 location will be posted only to GCSEN Yahoogroup Monday night, March 19th, with exact location of ceremony at CSUN March 20th. More info on other items above will also be included in that ASP Agenda post. Global Citizens Sustainable Existence ******* Earth Day and Earth Charter global network International Simultaneous Policy Organization Global Peace Zone campaign of the GPW Authoritative history and uses of cannabis hemp Hemp Lifeline to Future, DrugWar resolution Dr. O'Leary's website, books, schedule per Alden Bryant Nuclear Disarmament...Act..., as "treaty", HR2503 Space Preservation Treaty & H.R. 3616

First political figure to endorse American Simultaneous Policy Richard Alevizos, independent candidate for Governor of Oregon 2002 Rich-for-Gov Good-to-Go, "Trailblazing for a Compassionate America" Respect for States Rights and Human Rights Hemp for Victory over Terror

161+ cities* worldwide "Rally and March Against Intolerance" May 4, 2002 Demanding: Stop All Cannabis Arrests, Stop The Lies, Release Medicine, Heal The Sick, End The Prison State, Recognize Addictions Remedy ~~~~~"Liberation Day 2002"~~~~~ Los Angeles: *Mayday* -- details updates, coordination

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Truth-Amnesty-Reconciliation spiritual principles in political precedent for new American policy to resolve and correct corrupted thinking T.A.R.

2002 Hiroshima Flame Interfaith Pilgrimage, to DC Apr20, to UN May12 Indigenous Wisdom for Global Culture of Peace discussion and updates

on behalf of:

Global Citizens for a Sustainable Existence Now!

David Crockett Williams, C.L.U., B.S. Tehachapi, California General Agent, Chartered Life Underwriter, Chemist Formerly Santa Barbara '74-'97, San Fernando Valley '49-'74 CLU degree 1971 American College BS degree with honors, Chemistry 1969 CSUN

For the direct cause of true peace with harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth via a future global computer internetworking psibernetics program called Torahk.

Global Emergency Alert Response

Science and Technology in Society and Public Policy

American Simultaneous Policy Committee Cultures and Community Advice

for an effective American Peace Movement

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2002

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