What unmetered ISP do you use?????

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Hello Michael,

I want to know what unmetered ISP you subscribe to. You briefly mentioned on your site you use BT SurfTime without any problems. However on 08whatever.com all user opinions says BT Surftime is _VERY_ bad. Since you know more about ISPs I just want to use what you are using without any possible hassle.

Thanks in advance.

-- John Smith (johnsmith@nogivendomainname.i.r.g), March 17, 2002


Thanks for using my email address, "John" ;)

I have moved to Blueyonder from BT Internet, as I wrote on my UK Broadband Internet Access page. I had no problems as a BT Internet user, no problems accessing email or the web. I have had problems as a Blueyonder user, problems with the transparent web cache (too many users for their web cache setup?) and connecting to the network (local cable problems).

-- Michael Bluett (michaelbluett@despammed.com), March 18, 2002.

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