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Hi there,

I recently attended an ALACE labor assistant certification workshop in January 2002. I am in the process of becoming certified, attending births, reading books, talking to other labor assistants and doulas. I became convinced that we all need to work together as professionals, and I would like to invite all labor assistants, doulas or any other labor support persons in the greater Memphis area, to join my email list and visit my new webpage.

I am hoping that we can form a support group in Memphis.

Looking forward to your response!

Sincerely, Amelia Tummalapalli (contact me through A

-- Amelia Tummalapalli (, March 17, 2002


Hi everyone,

I have a new email address. If you are reading this and want to respond to the post above, please email me at

Warmly, Amelia

-- Amelia (, March 19, 2002.

Hello, Amelia

I am currently working in the field of labor and delivery at a hospital in michigan. I am interested in finding out what I would need to become a doula in memphis. I have been thinking about relocating? please inform me on what certifications for your state if it is an issue different from my current state.

Thank you

-- Rhonda Smith (Sweetlucydd', April 02, 2002.

Hey Amelia, I relocated from Beaufort, SC last October. After 13 years of insurance....I quit and followed some good advice and my heart. I am 1/2 way through massage therapy school and I feel a pull to work with pregnant women. I live in Collierville and would like some guidance, maybe someone to shadow. I chose pregnancy massage/Doulas as my presentation topic in school. I need some help! Please contact me with any thoughts. Marie

-- Marie Jackson (, March 10, 2003.

Hi everyone,

This summer, I had three months of my computer being offline due to virus's. When I got back on, I have now got a new email address. Please feel free to contact me at

Since I last posted, the Memphis birthing community has now published our first quarterly newsletter titled "Womens Whispers".

If you are in the Memphis area and would like to subscribe to our email group, send your request to mid-south_childbirth_cooperative-

We have meetings once a month and a workgroup meeting once a month. This cooperative is open to all of the birthing professionals of Memphis.

Hope to see you there! Amelia

-- Amelia Tummalapalli (, March 13, 2003.


I am the new Tennessee State Representative for Operation Doula Care. I need to contact you about updating your listed information. The information that I have for you is no longer valid. Also I have a birth Mom that I am trying to find an ODC Doula for. Please contact ma ASAP. Any other Doula out there that may read this if you would like more information about Operation Doula Care please feel free to contact me.

-- Sue Blevons CD (DONA) CLD (CAPPA) (, May 11, 2004.

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