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i keep trying to make a vcd and the program (easy cd creator5 platinum, roxio) keeps telling me "avi will not work in a vcd player. to make this file video cd compliant, you will need to use an MPEG encoder that supports Video CD encoding" where can i find this encoder? and how does this work? i made one VCD so far and i guess i downloaded it allready as a MPEG and it work in my DVD player, but all my good stuff is an AVI. please help, thx man Ross P.S. i am new to this shit i just got this computer so please respond but no computer munble jumble cause i will not understand one word.

-- ross duarte (, March 16, 2002


Go to this link and download tmpgen 2.53 then unzip it to a folder on your desktop. Then open up the exe. Then follow the wizard to convert your avi to mpeg format. Then use the mpeg tools to split the movie into what ever cdr capacity you have. Well heres the link. It works great.

-- Eric Loeser (, March 17, 2002.

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