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Let's pop any general announcements here...if they develop into a thread, we can take it there

-- Anonymous, March 16, 2002


Hi All. Yes, there are three positions open and two of the incumbents will be running for two of them. (Dana and Javelin) I've sent the request to run to Annie Hoy and cc'd you all. I think now we are on wait mode. Waiting to be certain that Annie wants to run. Roxx

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2002


Sounds great. Thanks for being on it. I want to be there one slot open for the board? And are we proposing that that one slot be Annie? If so, I agree. Then is our task finished?



-- Anonymous, April 02, 2002

Okay. Works great for me. Never mind that UPDATE thing I mentioned in the meeting time thread. Here's my general announcement/update. Dana and Javelin will run again. Nancy will not. Annie Hoy has reaffirmed interest. We have references to get, but especially in Annie's case, where I think that we all know her and would endorse her (am I right, here, or are there questions?)we really need to get her statement to Susan as soon as possible. If I've not heard any objection from anyone by April 12th, I will use that weekend to put together the request to her that she run. All in agreement write "aye", all opposed write "nay", all not paying attention, you missed your chance.

At the Provender meeting last month the Board decided that we only need to come up with as many candidates as there are slots to fill. In the next journal there will be an announcement, which I volunteered to write, asking for nominations from the floor. All information (statement, questionaire and reference checks) will need to be submitted to Susan by July 30th for the nominated candidate to run in the election. This gives the general membership an opportunity to make nominations, but the nominee will have to be serious, since a time crunch will serve to elimintate those who are wavering. Hello out there. Everyone in agreement? Peace & Fun. Roxx

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2002

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