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This thread can be used for Candidate vs. Slate...

Anyone know where we are on this?

-- Anonymous, March 16, 2002


Thanks for the work on this, Roxx.

I'm in agreement that we submit the slate with Annie Hoy as the third candidate. What we might do is start a thread on the Final Slate, and then begin to load in the information we're going to need to submit to the Board, unless we want to just use the Candidate vs. Slate thread (this one) for that.



-- Anonymous, April 02, 2002

Don't want to be redundant, but since this is the proper place for this-here it is again. At the meeting last month the Board decided that we need to come up with only enough candidates to fill the slots. Since Javelin and Dana will run again, that means we need only one other candidate. In addition, we will include a request for nominations from the general membership in the next journal. Nominees will have to have all information (statements, questionaire and reference check) back to Susan by July 30th in order to run. Of course, we will facilitate that information collection, but the deadline will stand. If reference checks don't arrive in time, the nominee won't be able to run. The statement and questionaire are in the nominees control, entirely. This helps to assure that only serious nominees will be in the election. Any questions? Peace & Fun. Roxx

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2002

Can I drop some names for candidates in here? Or shall we conference for that?



-- Anonymous, March 18, 2002

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