APO Ronar 480mm or Nikon 450mm

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I have a good chance to buy a Nikon 450mm new for 500USD lesser then my favorit a APO Ronar 480mm. Minimum F 9 is important to me, wight not in thad case. So please no Fuji statements. It will be my long end for a long time, maybe for my whole lifetime! Are the 30mm more very usefull? Did anybody had booth lenses?

Thanks for tips.

-- Armin Seeholzer (armin.seeholzer@smile.ch), March 16, 2002


If the rodenstock is your favourite buy it, When you buy it and it costs too much you only cry once, If you don't, you cry whenever you think about it. I have that Rodenstock and it is EXTREEMLY SHARP!!! I can see no reason for me to sell this lense.PERIOD.

-- ED (zeke@idirect.com), March 17, 2002.

Armin I dont know if this is a consideration for you, but all my filters are 67mm and all my lenses use this size.The Nikon 450 is also this size, is why I am buying it! Sure I would love to have the APO, but I dont want to carry different size filters for every lens.

-- Jorge Gasteazoro (rossorabbit@hotmail.com), March 17, 2002.


There are two versions of recent Apo_Ronar 480/9 (say last 25 years). One is single coated, and the other multi-coated, but they all take 67mm filters.


Get the multi-coated Apo-Ronar 480/9 lens. It's much sharper and reproduces better color fidelity on chromes. I tried the Nikkor 450/9 , then sold the lens cells, and had SKG mounted a Goerz RD Artar 450 into the Nikon/Copal #3 shutter. That's my opinion.

Since picking a lens is a personal preference, Why not try out both lenses and compare them yourself? Cheers, -- Geoffrey

-- Geoffrey Chen (db45tek@aol.com), March 18, 2002.

On 4x5 a 480mm covers 14.5 and a 450mm covers 15. In coverage that is the same difference as a 135 vs a 140mm.

Pick the one you like. For all practcal purposes they cover the same thing.

The 480 Apo Ronar in Copal 3 weighs 33.5 oz (949.7 g) andtakes 67mm filters. Is this weight acceptable to you? Does the shutter speeds of a Copal 3 make a difference? And you are aware that if it is in a Compur 3 it is an f11 rather then an f9 lens due to the size of the opening in a Compur/Prontor Professional 3 shutter?

-- Bob Salomon (bob@hpmarketingcorp.com), March 18, 2002.

Hi all

Thanks for your tips. I will buy the newest APO Ronar in Copal shutter and this will be my longest lens for a very long time. But first I have to make a good job to get the money for it! I will be happy with the Ronar as I`m with the 300mm already.

-- Armin Seeholzer (armin.seeholzer@smile.ch), March 18, 2002.

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