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There's one available for just over $100, and I'm wondering if it would be ok stopped down, or is it just a waste of money? It is coated.

-- Wayne Crider (, March 15, 2002



I had one of these once and got rid of it, and I'm sorry I did. If I remember it didn't offer much in the way of movements but it was really quite sharp and still pretty okay on the edges, too. If you are looking for a wide angle in the 100$ range this is probably your best bet.

People who can afford modern glass will no doubt denigrate this lens, but my bet is you'll be happy with the images this thing produces. It's nice and small, too.

-- Erik Ryberg (, March 15, 2002.


I got one of these lens to go with my crown outfit. It's got clean glass and a good working shutter. I had it CLA right after getting it. I've used it a couple of times since then. The color negatives look nice and sharp. I've used it for a couple of commercial jobs also. I'm sure it does not compare with a new lens, but for hundred dollars or so, it seems like a good deal. Remember I use mine only for my crown and it works great, but as already said in the forum, it doesn't have much movements. I like mine and for me it works great. Hope this helps.


-- John Miller (, March 15, 2002.


I would suggest posting this question on the Graflex website too. Many Graflex owners have a lot of experience with this lens and I think your question could be answered in a lot of detail. The website address is as follows:

Go to the "Help" section. You will have to register on the website, but this is a simple task. Good luck!

Best regards,

J. P. Mose

-- J. P. Mose (, March 15, 2002.


i have one which is coated like the one you mention. it is a raptar which as far as i know is the same as the optar. i use mine on both a speed graphic and view camera and shoot assignments both color and b/w. stopped down it is pretty sharp, i have no complaints. wide open it is pretty ncie too. while it is said not to have a lot of coverage for movements, on a view camera i never had a problem with vignetting ... and i was using movements .

good luck deciding

-- jnanian (, March 15, 2002.

I own the 90mm WA Raptar, and from all reports this is the same lens, just sold under Wollensaks house brand. Several sources have put the image circle at 162mm, and from my experience you can only get about 1/4inch of rise before the corners start to go, even when stoped down to f32. The small amounts of tilt that I use (3 to 5 deg.) for landscape work does not present a problem, and the lens is sharp enough for what I want to do. (20x24) It has a slightly wider angle of view than the Angulon. 83deg for the Raptar vs 81deg for the Angulon. For a lens that cost less than $150 US, it is a steal! Just work within its limitations, and you will be pleased.

-- Jonathan Bundick (, March 16, 2002.

I have a mint one and it is good at closer distances (5 to 8 feet) and ok/so-so further than that to infinity.Small and light ,not much coverage.

-- Emile de Leon (, March 17, 2002.

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