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Anyone notice the wall inside the mirror housing in the R5 or R4 body is actually gray instead of black? Why? Isn't black absorb the stray light better than gray? Or is this another one of Leica's superior design? Thanks.


-- Chi H (, March 15, 2002


The inside of the mirror box of R4-R7 bodies is a set of plastic walls covered (as are other components) with a black suede-like nap. I have seen them turn a lighter gray, and I've seen the side walls shrunken and cracked also. A lot has to do with the temperatures to which the body has been subjected. Black is, after all, a shade of gray.

-- Jay (, March 15, 2002.

Hello Chi. The R4/R5 baffled mirror box is covered with a fine dyed flock type material which over time in my R4s seems to have got lighter in colour. A light careful rub on this deteriorating material "darkened" it closer to it's original charcoal colour.Howewever rubbing will release particles into the chamber. On the other hand the chamber of the M appears dark charcoal mat paint finish on metal which hasn't lightened over time. Regards.

-- Sheridan Zantis (, March 15, 2002.

To see how it should have been done, examine any version of the Leicaflex.

-- Bud (, March 15, 2002.

To answer my own question. I have painted it black with flat black paint used for building toy models. Seems to work perfectly. Be careful if you want to try this: don't use black enemal or black glossy paint. As these will reflect light.

-- Chi (, March 18, 2002.

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