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Has anyone ever heard of a Optikotechna Prerov Benar 21cm F 4.5. Anyone ever used one?

-- Kevin Kolosky (, March 15, 2002


Optikotechna Prerov Benar is a pretty good opera, but like most, you wait around through the dull bits until they get to the arias.

-- Kevin Bourque (, March 15, 2002.

Cute Kevin, but why post if you don't know what you are talking about?

-- Kevin Kolosky (, March 15, 2002.

Don't know about the lens but here's a bit about the company, Optikotechna:

1933 - Dipl.Ing. Alois Benes established company Optikotechna in Prerov. Dr. Mazurek constructed the first Czechoslovak enlarging lens.

1934-1937 - Optikotechna focused on darkroom equipment (mainly enlargers and lenses).

1937 - Optikotechna built new facilities for production in suburb of Prerov.

1939-1945 - Optikotechna was forced to supply military optical equipment for German army (rangefinders, periscopes, binoculars, riflescopes). Optikotechna was renamed to "Herrmann Goering Optische Verzeuge".

1946 - Optikotechna renamed to Meopta national enterprise.

1947-1970 - Meopta became one of the biggest enlarger manufacturers worldwide and the only cinema projector manufacturer in Central/East Europe.

1953 - The Institute for Research and Development of Optics and Precision Mechanics was established in Prerov.

1971 - There was a rapid increase of military production for Warsaw Pact (up to 75% of total turnover).

1988 - Meopta renewed riflescopes production, decreasing military production.

1990 - Meopta military programme decreased to 0%, Meopta became separate subsidiary join stock companies.

1992 - Meopta is fully privatised and remains the only optical enterprise in Czech Republic. Became a supplier of major optical companies wolrdwide.

-- Per Volquartz (, March 15, 2002.

From my post above it appears that the lens dates to pre 1946...

-- Per Volquartz (, March 15, 2002.

....why post if you don't know what you are talking about?

You're right, I don't have an answer to your question.

I occasionally post silly answers to questions because I enjoy excercising my sense of humor. It's fun. I notice that others do the same, so I'm not the only one that thinks so. It's just as much fun being on the recieving end of good-natured humor (good-natured being the key), as well, so I can take it as well as dish it out.

I always try to do it in a non-offensove way, but still, not everyone likes it. My apologies. I will not reply to your posts unless I have a serious answer.

- k

-- Kevin Bourque (, March 16, 2002.

I guess Kevin has a Borque sense of humor? Or would that be Baroque?

-- Moe (, March 16, 2002.

Perhaps Kevin has had surgery to prevent his ulnar nerve from coming into contact with his humerus? Certainly he didn't find Mr. Borque humerus.

-- B. T. Klown (, March 16, 2002.

I guess his sense of humor is Broke.

-- PT (, March 16, 2002.

Moe, BT and PT

Perhaps you all have too much time on your hands.


-- Kevin Kolosky (, March 16, 2002.

K.K. = Krusty T Klown? Kranky T Klown?

-- B. T. Klown (, March 16, 2002.

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