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Hi, I have a mint Canon F1 and I would like to get it cleaned, lubricated and adjusted to factory specs. Since it is in mint condition I want it returned in that condition. Is there a place you would recommend getting the work done. Thanks for all your help, jerry

-- Jerry Waid (jwaid@stny.rr.com), March 14, 2002


Jerry, I don't know where you're located, I'm in Chicago, and I've had excellent luck with:

Camera Repair Service 6178 N. Northwest Highway Chicago, IL 60631 773-763-0800

Ed Tidd, the owner, used to work for Canon. He's worked on three bodies and three lenses for me, and I've been very pleased. YMMV.

-- Mike Bechtold (wmichaelb@aol.com), March 14, 2002.

Jerry, I just had an F-1 in very nice condition CLAd and re-foamed by Mr. Ken Oikawa in California. I got his contact information from another member of this list. I had a very good experience and would recommend him to anyone. His telephone number is (626) 852-9393. Wish you luck.


-- Don Boyd (donaldboyd@rcn.com), March 16, 2002.

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