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Greetings, Just saw the ad on Roxio's webpage on WinOnCD 5 PE. Would like to get one those. Anybody has tried? Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


-- Jeff W. (, March 14, 2002


Are you sure it was WinOnCD? Or was it VideoPack5 or Easy CD Creator5? I'm asking because that wonderful, stable WinOnCD Roxio has decided to kill so that it doesn't compete with that flotsam that is Easy CD.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, March 14, 2002.

i have found winoncd 5 and yes it works perfectly well in ME and XP

any probs mail me

The Stodge

-- the stodge (, March 15, 2002.

Hello Mehmet, Yes, Roxio did came out with a version 5 of the WinOnCD. I was wondering are there any new feature on the Photo Album section or not. It would be nice if they can provide some simple transition.

Jeff W.

-- Jeff W. (, March 15, 2002.

Roxio is Adaptec and vice-versa and based on previous experiences with Easy CD I've always been suspicious of whatever incarnations come out. Adaptec bought CeQuadrat; many thought they'd kill off WinOnCD so that it wouldn't compete with Easy CD, and as a sign 3.8PE only had German help files. Now that there's ver 5 it seems we wonder what tricks they have up their sleeve to foist one more unstable, buggy, expensive CD-authoring program on us all that WinOnCD may have become after they went through it, drawing on WinOnCD's (previous) stellar reputation oceans away from whatever Easy CD is and had been. Anyway, to get to your transition question, on a purely still MPEG VCD there can be no fancy transitions. If you want that you'll have to author the stills on a timeline yourself and put transitions in between (as with Premiere 6) and eventually encode the whole to a normal MPEG-1 track which will then limit you to a resolution of 352x240/288. One whole point of a stills-only VCD is that we're allowed the use of hi-res 704x480/576 images. You can take it you either have fancy transitions at low-res, or none at hi-res.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, March 15, 2002.

Hello Mehmet, thanks for the explanation. For my case, I would prefer to stick to hi-res without transition choice. I have made a number of still-only VCDs with WinOnCD 3.8PE without any problem and I like the resolution very much. And with audio background, that is some killer.


-- Jeff W. (, March 16, 2002.

I have WinOnCD 3.8 Power Edition and 5.0... Both of them roxxxx... Itīs better than Nero... alias nero suxxx..... Easy CD Creator also sux... the only "usable" cd recording program is WinOnCD, and its the best!

-- CesarDRK (, June 22, 2002.

win oncd

-- vlad dorel (, September 23, 2002.

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