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Hi all. I'd like us to check this at least twice weekly and respond to what is new. I've asked Susan for a list of who is up for reelection and who will run again. She's having dental work done today that will incapacitate her for the rest of this week. Meanwhile, please check in and continue to search your brains for appropriate candidates. Thanks. Roxx

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2002


I think Kirk's got an interesting point. I just think we may have paid a price by curtailing discussion and sharing, and we don't have a lot of time.

In any event, it's good to see there's not a need to be secret. I was concerned I was missing somethi

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2002


1. I don't know why we should keep names to ourselves. If we were in a room, we'd be tossing them about right now, and sharing what we know. It seems cumbersome to me. I don't understand the purpose of the secrecy - what is it protecting?

Kirk, did you post this suggestion to the conference and I just missed it, or was this one of those side e-mail things? Again, the purpose of the conference is to try and create some transparency, so I'd suggest that unless the conversation you have with another nom com member has to be private, pose the question here. It's only we 4. I would have benefited from seeing Kirk's suggestion here, and seeing his reason, rather than having Rox have to field all the interpretation.

There must be some level of privacy, even between nom com members, that I don't understand, so it would be good for me to learn about that now. Rox, should all of our suggestions go through you first?

2. What do you think about using dates instead of just days (like Wednesday, the 20th) just so we can keep it straight? I'm fine with the timeframe proposed.

3. It also seems like our 3 names will be just guesses, because I'm assuming we won't have asked them, or anything like that since we haven't discussed the process

-- Anonymous, March 16, 2002


that sounds fine with me. it was an idea that maybe isn't best for this instance.



-- Anonymous, March 18, 2002

Roxx here- Second time I've entered a new answer in this place. I lost the other one by pushing the wrong button somewhere along the way. It may be floating around in here somewhere. In any case.. Yes, of course we should use dates as well as days. Merely an oversight on my part, Cynthia. I chose Wednesday, March 20th, because the board is meeting on Thursday, the 21st and I'll be making a brief statement on our progress. As far as secrecy goes, Kirk gives his reason below. I've cut & pasted Kirk's email here:

I guess I don't have andy's new address either. would you also pass it on to him? thanks, kirk Kirk Giudici wrote:

> Roxx, > > I don't have Cynthia's address...would you pass this on? > > Andy and I spoke at Expo and discussed the Nom Process... > > An idea... > > 1. Each of us decide on three people. > 2. Only share your 3 people with Roxx. > 3. Roxx shares the results when all 12 "votes" are tallied. > 4. Having uninfluenced ideas may help us come up with some common > denominators. For example, perhaps some of us are thinking of the same > person. By seeing that come up in our nominating process, may help us narrow > in on the best choices. > > Let me know your thoughts. > > Thanks, > > Kirk

There was no secrecy intended, merely a probable forgetfulness of this forum an/or possibly the password. Right, Kirk? And if I had followed his instructions to pass it along, there would have been no question. However, I was working under the misconception that we were not supposed to email each other while using this format.

I'm still waiting for a response from Susan about how many of the members will be re-running for their positions. She had a wisdom tooth pulled and is probably still recovering.

In any case--PLEASE ALL--get your 3 ideas for potential candidates firmly fixed in your minds and then get them to this forum by Wednesday evening, please. Thanks. Roxx

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2002

Hi. Kirk has suggested that we all keep our 3 choices/options to ourselves. If you all want to do that, that's okay by me. By now we should have all had plenty of time to come up with three, anyway. Shall we say that on Wednesday, if we can remember and if we've all checked in here by then, we will unveil our 3 choices on the first nominating thread. Let me know via this thread, when you've read this and if you agree or disagree with the secrets to be unveiled idea. Thanks. Roxx

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2002

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