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To God be the Glory. Bishop Donald Ming enjoyed being many things to many people.As the contractor foreman in Bermuda during his early youth years to the Pastor of a fast growing Allen A.M.E Church to his elevation to the title of Bishop in 1976.Bishop Ming did not appear to be afraid of doing things differently. As a younger person I did not know him personally until 1999-2002 when I called on him for advice in creating the Insurance Company for the Church. He was both funny and serious at the same time. Funny in his manner and work style but very serious about doing the work of the Church the best he could.I remember how he would chastise some of the legislative drafts I sent for his review before the General Conference in 2000.My favorite comment would be "you don't expect Ming to support this do you?, you need to do more work!". Then at the end of every one of these stern chats he would encourage me to continue the work because the Church needs to be doing more.

I raise this tribute to Bishop Ming because of his great contribution to the final legislation which was approved at the General Conference in 2000. A great architect of Church politics was he.AME Reinsurance moves forward because of some of the fine work and effort of Bishop Ming.

Bishop Ming wanted to come home to Bermuda and lead the Annual Conference. I thank God he was able to do just that. I remember meeting him after his apprection service in February 2001 (before the Annual Conference). He was so happy to be home.We talked about time we had worked while he was still in the 6th District.He talked about some of the many places he had worked around the world. He was clearly concerned that this insurance program had to have support of everyone and that it had to be done right.He had tried to introduce a program years before and wanted both Rev. Dr. Santucci and I to understand we could not take anything for granted but be diligent in our affairs.

Then came the Annual Conference in March.How he enjoyed the experience. Ordination service was truly something to remember. He joked about how he wanted Rev. Sylvester Beaman in another District but Beaman turned him down. He then presented Rev. Beaman as the Preacher for the Service. What a sermon preached! Mt. Zion was filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit. So much so that the neighbourhood could hear the chant of "Go Bishop, Go Bishop". Later I was able to meet with him one last time. He had worn out just about everyone (some were taking cat-naps during our meeting). He was so pleased with the work he committed the information to be gathered from the first District immediately.O how he missed his Edith.Thank God they are together again.At the Annual Conference he scolded those who needed it and placed the Conference on notice that we cannot live on our past successes.

After the meeting he said, "Ming is happy now! I'm ready to move on to the next conference.

I thank God for a man who was stubborn and hard-headed for God. May his service bring comfort to his family which includes all whom he has adopted from all around the world. He kept the faith and fought the good fight and as he was able to say at the closing session " God is able"

Respectfully posted

Bro. Nalton Brangman Vice Chairman AME Reinsurance Limited

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2002


OOps! Sorry please forgive my typo's. Blessings to you all

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2002

This was a beautiful tribute. I hope everyone reads it and learns something special about Bishop Ming.


-- Anonymous, March 22, 2002

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