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Reading the specifications for the SVCD format I see that it is supposed to support multiple audio channels. Does anyone how to multiplex an mpeg-2 stream with several audio channels. Some sort of karaoke is the obvious example of where this might be useful but personally I'd like to add the commentary audio track ripped from DVD to a SVCD copy.

-- Ulver Nielsen (, March 14, 2002


SVCD supports up to 2 audio tracks. The only things that can multiplex 2 audio tracks are either the old I-Author program (look for it on warez sites) or AVI2MPEG in BBTOOLS. You might be interested in looking at which is the site for the DVD2SVCD program. DVD2SVCD uses AVI2MPEG to mux and you can get it to create 2 audio tracks for you. DVD2SVCD is a terrific program and it beats having to do everything by hand. Please note that if you have 2 audio programs, your total bit rate of video+audio+audio must be below 2723 Kbps. I suggest keeping the audio at 128 Kbps for both tracks when making a SVCD with 2 audio tracks so that you can use a decent setting for your video. That's 128 Kbps each, not total.

-- Jason (, March 15, 2002.

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