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Can I make my own VCD on a format that will play back in a machine that does not read CD-R? I've got the much-discussed problem with my DVD/VCD player not recognizing CD-R. For myself, it's not a big issue, but I'm making a VCD for a client and I need to be covered in case he's got the same limitation on his playback machine.

-- Anna (, March 14, 2002


Nevermind, I got a VCD to work by burning it to a CD-RW (memorex brand 700 mb) even though my Toshiba S-2150 specifically states CD-R & CD-RW will not play on this DVD/VCD player.

-- Anna (, March 14, 2002.

Yes, somethimes the old CD-RW trick works. However, you should be aware that some DVD players will not play any type of burnable media. There is nothing you can do for those players except to send out your VCD file to a company that can press it on commercial silver discs. Any DVD player that supports VCD should be able to read it if it's on a commercial disc. These discs are NOT the same as CD-R/W, so you can't buy them in stores, nor can you burn them yourself. You have to hire a company that can press VCDs to do it for you. I don't know of any companies that do this, but you should be able to find them on the web. I would not expect this to be a very practical or economic choice. Finally, I have recently contacted someone who told me that his DVD player (I think it was a Toshiba, but don't quote me) did not support VCD at all. He called tech support and they told him that this particular model did not support VCD. There is no way you can guarantee 100% playback compatibility in all DVD players, but having a commercially pressed VCD is your best chance for success.

-- Jason (, March 15, 2002.

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