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Sunday my pastor preached on the Holy Spirit counter-culture. What does it say about the church when there's little difference between the lives of Christians and the lives of non-Christians? What does it say when people look at Mormons and say, "they actually live according to their beliefs, and have a high moral code", but don't say the same about us? What does it say when our divorce rate is roughly the same or worse than the non-Christian community?

He mentioned three things at work in the world that the church should oppose. 1. The mystery of lawlessness, which he defined as the clandestine effort of satan to erase the moral Law of God from man's mind.

2. The spirit of anti-Christ, which he defined as satanic deception that leads people to seek salvation outside of Christ.

3. Babylon - the satanic system of religious, commercial, and political idolatry.

These three things are at work in every area of the world, manifesting themselves in different ways, and the church needs to act as a counter-culture to them. Too often however we've become part of this system, or at least made peace with it.

I heard recently that Sen. Barbara Boxer from California, speaking on behalf of partial birth abortion, said that a baby is not a baby until it's taken home from the hospital. In other words, babies that survive the abortion procedure can still be destroyed, babies blinking their eyes and breathing while being taken to the hospital incinerator can still be tossed in. Abortion workers have testified that these things go on. Sen. Boxer would say that this is legal and appropriate. God help our society, and God help the people of California who voted in one so given to the spirit of Babylon, one so utterly given to the mystery of lawlessness. What a curse they have brought on themselves. Then I wondered, how many church people in California voted for her? They too must be given over to these same spirits.

We are to be a people set apart, and that means there should be a noticeable difference in our lives. Certain things accepted by the world should not be present in our lives, and it should make us stick out like sore thumbs. We don't have to be hostile, ranting and raving and carrying signs, but we should be noticeably differnt. When people notice how our families stay together, how well-behaved our kids are, how our language is cleaner, and how our money and time is spent, they should notice a difference. In your life, do they notice that difference?

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2002


Brother RP,

In my estimation the reason that there is little difference between the lives of some christians and non-christians is because some of us christians are trying to live the christian life based on our own willpower. Our willpower is woefully inadequate to live the christian life. I have observed too many self-righteous christians who believe that they can be obedient to God's word with their own strength. I have learned that when I humble myself to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to control my emotions and thoughts and teach me right from wrong that I enjoy much more success in trying to live the christian life. From time to time, I get judgemental about people's behavior and when I do, the Holy Spirit whispers in my ear and reminds me that only Jesus has the authority and the ability to judge another human being. It's allright for me to discern that certain behavior is sinful but I am not qualified to judge. Instead, the Holy Spirit bids me to focus on helping the individual or He reminds me that it's because of the grace and mercy of God that I am not in the same situation as the individual that I would judge.


-- Anonymous, March 14, 2002

The Bible tells us to let our light so shine before men that they may see our good works and glorify our father. We who have been called into salvation are the salt of the earth. It is our righteous living before a lost and dying world that makes the difference. We don't have to say a word of judgement against someone, our righteous lifestyle is what convinces men of their sin.

And in our righteousness, we have to remember it doesn't persuade God. The grace we now have is because of his Son. So it is Jesus' blood that makes us righteous before God. But God is indeed glorify when men are drawn towards him because of what they have witness as a difference in our life. It is our winning of souls that glorifies our father.

We are the lighthouse in the midst of a turbulent dark sea. We are the means for the safety of many. We have to shine.

My pastor's New Year sermon was this year, we need to make the difference. We have to be set apart. We are the dividing line.

In Christ, Carmen

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2002

how wonderful to see this dialogue on this discussion board. I agree there must be light. How can we light a dark world when our light is not shining. It is time that we not only stand up but stand out. There is a remanent that believes that we are required to live by a higher standard. Thank God!

God Bless

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2002

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