UP SBA SUB CTC Question?

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Is the Santa Barbara Sub Phase I project done?

I understand SLOCOG is rounding up some cash to upgrade the Grover Siding and the SLO Yard Lead to main track status and add a third platform in in San Luis Obispo for possible future Surfliner Expansions.

Another thing they are considdering is building a station in Santa Margarita (top-of-the-grade) for Surfliner trains and having some trains terminate at Paso with stops at Santa Margarita and Atascadero. CTC from the San Luis Obipso-Monterey County Line is also planned, as is CTC from East San Luis Obispo to approximately the east end of the former Narlon Block.

-- Peter Warner (osdm@yahoo.com), March 13, 2002


No station planned for Santa Margarita. No station at Atascadero, either -- it's too close to Paso Robles.

-- Dennis Winger (Magoons2@aol.com), April 16, 2002.

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