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Melissa, my email is messed up due to a new server, I cannot email you direct yet, do not stand down. You cannot let evil win. You are not alone, you have the SOURCE, you have us; go to pass word for a few days until the new services are in place; this forum is more close to me than blood relations. I recommend all readers contact all forum moderators and demand that the evil one be deleted every time he tries to post a thread. He had earned it or contact him directly at:, the presence of all the fake forums is enough to have his webmaster dismiss him if we all place complaint. Just do it.

-- mitch hearn (, March 13, 2002. ,,,,,,, computer people are closer than blood?? HAHAHAHAHHA,, boy thats a SAD life isnt it? either that,, or NOONE,, including his family can stand to be around him,, so he HAS to make freinds on the computer. Oh,, and there it is again,, THE EVIL ONE,, OOOOoooooo,,, that hurt. Now its trying to get others to harrass me,, hmmmmmm,, getting intersting mitchster

-- Welp (, March 13, 2002

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