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I am a independent consultant working with a professional services organization of about 30 employees that has been working at team management for 10 years. Each team (internal and external) manages its own budget, sets its own objectives, and manages its work without any formal management below the senior executives. Teams have coordinators (named Team Weavers, Team Coordinators, etc.) and Team Facilitators. The team facilitators rotate annually and are selected by the team. Work and people are managed through a project management system that will provide (when it is complete) each team with performance and financial information to manage their affairs. This organization has begun to grow and is exploring the value of team management for increased size. Concerns include defining the appropriate organizational structure, personnel management, communication processes, developing new business responsibilities. This is not an industrial organization and the teams are made up of engineers and professionals who provide services to clients.

We have found few other teams like this and would be very interested in sharing information with other organizations with similar circumstances: team management, professional services, growth.

Thank you

-- Bill Woodward (, March 13, 2002

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