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Do you still pray the same way you did when you were 4? I'd hope not! Do you still pray the same way as you did last year? I'd hope not again! Part of Christian growth is change in our lives, and that includes change in the way we pray. When a 2 year old communicates to his father, he/she sometimes gets a little frustrated because of undeveloped communication skills. But that changes. If it doesn't we send the child to a therapist because something is holding back natural maturation.

Are you finding that over time you find your prayer closet (hopefully you have "closet time") is evolving? Are you drawing ever more into His presence when you pray? I noticed that in many churches prayer meeting consists of "organ recitals". These are prayers for the health needs of everyone and their relatives. That's fine, but oh so limited. Unfortunately many people and churches never progress beyond this.

There isn't space or time here to go into a study on prayer, but I'll just ask, is your prayer life and that of your church maturing day by day?

A large part of this I'm finding is to not approach God's throne with an agenda. "Lord, here's what I want to pray about today. Listen up." If we have a need, certainly the Lord wants us to bring it to Him, but more often we need to approach Him and ask what HE wants us to pray. How would HE like to proceed this time? We may find Him wanting us to be quiet and listen for a change. What about the list of pressing needs? He already knows. Maybe He'll tell you to just be still and sit in His presence. I've found when that happens I'll receive a message if I wait long enough...maybe, if He desires to give me one. Or maybe I'll just walk away with incredible peace, and greatly strengthened faith. Talk about feeling bullet proof (or firey dart proof)! My armor has been thickened, praise God!

Today's exhortation: Let God set the agenda for your prayer closet, just as He should every other area of your life.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2002


Bless the Lord for this thread. I'm constantly searching myself in this area. Am I growing? Am I using God's Word properly? Am I praying and listening for God's voice?

While it is true that we're constantly asking God for something, but are we asking, 'who art thou, Lord? Lord, what would you have me to do'?

I received an e-mail from a co-worker, Jo'Von Killian, whom I've never met. She is a believer in Jesus Christ. She's asking for prayer because of a sharp pain down the right side of her face and neck and also blackouts she's had even while driving. Today, she is scheduled for an MRI to try and determine the cause.

God bless all of you.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2002

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