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Hey guys,

first of all, many thanx for that fantastic cooperate work. The new page is very good, okay at the first moment I have got same probs to find the right pages, but thatīs every time so, if something is new.

Many special thanx to Corby, Amanda, Angie and Monica that you now help Gina with the sites.

Last but not least I hope that Hayley read that message, coz I miss her.

Hey Hayley,

where are you? I have get your last message at February 19th, during that time I have send you 3 mails, but I doesnīt get any answers. What happenend? Do you have school stress or have you under stress with other things? The same prob I have got with your mate Sarah. Every day I hear the news, but their arenīt any news from Sydney, so please answer me. Iīm so worried without any messages from you.

Take care all together


-- Anonymous, March 13, 2002


hey Petra, i'm really sorry I haven't replied in such a long time, I have only had time to check my emails but never enough time to reply. i intend towrite tonight. Sarah got your messages but for a while lost your ddress. i'll make sure she writes. sorry to worry you!

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2002

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