Worm Ranching 101- Bin modifications

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You have your 60 quart plastic tote, now to turn it into a worm cultivation bin.

Using 1/4 " and 1/32" drill bits, complete the following drill patterns. Turn your tote upside down . The bottom area is approx 2 ft by 3 ft. along one of the 2 ft edges use the 1/4" inch bit to drill three holes spaced about 2 inches apart for liquid drainage holes on the bottom edge. Next position the tote so that you can drill the side. Using the 1/32" bit drill a pattern of air louvres aproximately 1 inch up from the bottom , equally spaced no more than six inches apart around the entire circumference of the tote. Clean the plastic burrs out of the tote, set it in the upturned lid as a liquid catch pan, using a couple rocks, piece of wood or other spacers to raise the end without the liquid drain holes. Your bin is ready to be put to use.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair678@yahoo.com), March 12, 2002

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