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i have a outline for my research paper about Poe and i am wondering if you would help me with some of it because i am confused i will show you all i have and i need help with it. please respond and help me with it i am blank.

I. early Life A. birth 1 place 2 family B childhood 1 education 2 homelife C influences 1 family 2 teachers D tragedies 1 family 2 deaths II adult life A... B.... III writings A poems 1 2 3..... B short stories.... IV reactions to his psycoligical thrillers Vdeath

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2002


Looks broader than many biographies! Depending on the length I think you have to cut it down or at least weight your outline to your main topic with only brief and relevant connections to his life and total opus. Check out articles on Poe and you will see there is ample material in one poem, story or theme for a paper. poecentral, poedecoder, www.eapoe.org

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2002

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