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Guess it's hopeless, but... I've downloaded a dvix file of the anime Blood, the last vampire. It plays perfectly, but I can't convert it to vcd. Every time I try to convert it to any other format in any other software (TMPGEnc, Premiere, Ulead Studio) it simply shuts down the software. What's hapenning? Can I recover the file?

Thanks in advance.


-- Ricardo Nobre (, March 12, 2002


Ricardo, we have a saying in America - "you get what you pay for". Many of the people on the Internet who make movies available for download really do not know what they are doing. They will use bizarre frame rates, strange resolutions, non-standard codecs, etc. in what they make. The fact is, everything you download may not convert to VCD. You need to accept that. The frame rate, the resolution and the codec could all be the cause of your problem encoding this DivX. Also, many DivX discs have 48 KHz audio and this does cause some encoding programs, such as TMPGenc, to have problems. Try encoding the video only and if that works, your audio is probably 48 KHz and you'll have to find another program to use to convert it to 44 KHz for VCD.

-- Jason (, March 13, 2002.

use first avi2vcd 1.41, and do avi audio decompressor /2-tmpgenc / dvix movie and audio the file the one you just made

-- kelly (, May 14, 2002.

I have got Ulead's VideoStudio 5.0, and I have also downloaded Divx Player 2.0 Alpha from

Ulead will recognize the codec once you have INSTALLED the actual player.

Currently I can import divx .avi's into VideoStudio, but you MUST render the movie out - a pain in the ass if you don't have a fast system. The result - a converted format.

-- Jay (, June 28, 2002.

Where I can find Dvix movies to download??

-- Aldo mann (, July 02, 2002.

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