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Our brother in Christ and our denomination has posted many requests for help, or assistance on this thread. Last month I mailed him a copy of our current Doctrine and Discipline (per his request), my church provided him the book at no cost. I think it is unconscionable that there is no better access or "pipeline" for our brothers and sisters in all foreign countries! Is this deliberate, or is there a lack of providing access information to them by their Bishops, Presiding Elders, and Pastors? I am at a loss trying to understand the dynamics that are at play in this area. Can anyone enlighten me?

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2002


Dear Sister Ransom,

I believe the real answer to the question you posed is that our priorites are misplaced. By that I mean, we collect benelovent (missionary) offerings and hopefully (you've got to have hope) it is used for persons in our own church and perhaps even in the community. But by and large the missionary society's finances are used for salaries and travel, etc. of the connectional officers.

The members of our society never come back from meetings reporting any outreach that is going on either in their communities or overseas.

I know of no missionaries that are sponsered by our church, there may be some, but I'm unaware of them. There may even be a church or two in our denomination who may take a group to Jamaica to do some mission work.

By and large each church is to be self-supporting. In my district, we have 4 churches that are classified as mission churches and they've been that ever since the doors have opened many, many years ago. Every 5th Sunday, we worship at one of these churches and leave 1/2 of the offering. However, this 5th Sunday, they chose to cancel the service. It's Resurrection (Easter) Sunday, you know. Just send your offering. That's a sad commentary, but the lead churches decided that's what we would do.

No fellowship, No joy divine - who are we really leaning on?

-- Anonymous, March 18, 2002

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