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Hi all, Just wanted to ask whether a center filter is necessary for this lens for 8x10. The lens is the later MC version and while I know that this may control flare better, I'm not certain that the fall off is improved or not. I shoot BW only and I assume that I can do all the correction in the printing stage. Also, on the 8x10 how much movements do you get? I think I may not be able to maneuver the bellows being so short and constricted but my Deardorff can allow for lensboard rise/fall. Any other comments, experiences with this lens would be appreciated. Best of Light,

-- Henry Suryo (, March 12, 2002


I havn't owned that lens, but as you are doing B/W you probably wouldn't need a CF filter. You may notice some falloff if you use the very edge of the image circle, but in that case it's easily corrected in the printing process.

You should have coverage to spare. The image circle is 395 mm, giving you about 2 inches of rise/fall capabilities.

As I havn't owned such a lens myself I cannot comment on the performance of it. (But I did rent one once for an assignment a long time ago, and both I and the customer was very satisfied with the transparancies. Note: Without a center filter!) I have seen some comments though that the 165 isn't as good a performer as the shorter focal length SA's.

If you already own the lens, fine, read no further. If you are buying a used one, don't pay too much. If you are looking for a new lens anyhow, why not consider the Super Symmar 150 XL. A physically smaller lens with just about the same image circle and without doubt a top notch better performer.

-- Björn Nilsson (, March 12, 2002.

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