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I have converted my traditional video cassette to CD and I can run it in the window's media player . There are so many problems . I can not see the avseq.dat file in the mpeg folder through open dialogue box of window's media player . For that I have to click on show all files then only I can see avseq.dat files available on CD. I can run first four avseq.dat files . There after I can not open further tracks. I can not run direct CD as and when inserted in the CD drive . I have to go through all the procedure of opening Media player and so on. All the sequential files do not run continuously but I have to select each track individually then only I can run them.. What is the solution for the above mentioned problems ? So that I can run all the tracks of the CD that to directly after inserting CD into CDROM drive ? I will be very much thankful to you if you guide me. Ashok Joshi

-- Ashok (, March 12, 2002


I don't have all the ans to your ?s but i will help where i can.

First of all media player will only recognize a few files avi,mpg,etc

tho' dat files are media player will not quite recognize them this is what you have to do.

right click on the dat file select open with select "mplayer2.exe"

that's it you can now double click on the file from explorer and it will open up in media player. note the dat files will not show up in media player as they are not valid video file extensions.

another soltn. rename all your .dat files to .mpg (best solution if you plan to distribute your cds)


-- M (, April 01, 2002.

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