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Do you have any websites that would be beneficial to a class planning a trip around the world? The class is wondering which sites would provide the best information for prices for train and bus travel. Thank you. Dana Bailey

-- Dana Bailey (, March 11, 2002


Hi Dana,

Sounds like fun!

The first thing that I did was go to the Internet section of the Yuccca Mesa website and then I went to Projects and I search the Apple Learning Interchange to see if there were any travel projects others had done. I found a couple and the links are below. Then I went to the Webquest page and found a webquest that a teacher had done also relating to travel. It does not sound like any of these are a perfect match for what you want to do but they do list travel sites.

How old are your students?

I also have several travel sites that I use and one that I like is CrazyDog They have some great resources and links if you go to

Let me know if I can be of more help.

Lane kgwebquest/kgwebquest.htm

-- Lane D. Rankin (, March 12, 2002.

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