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I like to use the R8 with primes. With Zooms (4/35-70 and 4/80-200) the screen gets very dark in low light. I have an Intenscreen for my F3 which I like, but only with non-wideangeles (wideangles do vignette). Are there any alternatives for R8 which You can use with all focal length?

Thank You

-- J. Hildebrand (, March 11, 2002


To my knowledge the only aftermarket screens available for the R8 are the Beattie Intenscreens, unless Bill Maxwell "tweaks" the OEM Leica screens. As soon as I began mounting my R lenses on my EOS bodies I noticed right away how coarse and grainy the R8 screens are, and now it is irritating.

-- Jay (, March 11, 2002.

The exceptional brightness and clarity of the EOS screens (even when using slow zooms) is something that irked me when I used contax slr's - surely this technology isn't that difficult to re-engineer...? Having said that the r8 is in a different league to any of the contax bodies as far as ease of focusing is concerned

-- Steve Jones (, March 11, 2002.

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