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I just bought a Sony DV camera (PAL). I would like to make SVCD from the DV? What hardware do I need for transferring and convertion? What software do I need that can produce good quality picture? Thanks Jeremy

-- Jeremy (, March 11, 2002


You might want to post this question to the SVCD forum at You will need a capture card of some kind, possibly a software encoder and maybe an editor. There are people at the SVCD forum who have experience doing what you want to do and you'll get more help there.

-- Jason (, March 11, 2002.

You need a 1394 (firewire) card to be connected to your DV. Then capture your video (ex. in Premiere) and encode your captured DV format *.avi file (ex. in TMPGenc). Eventually, burn the *.mpg files in Nero's SVCD mode.

-- Frederic (, March 11, 2002.

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