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O.K. I'm new to this I just downloaded my first movie and have two questions. 1.)The picture is small on my screen and when i enlarge it it gets blurry if I put it on a vcd will it be small like it is on my screen or is there some way to enlarge it during the burn set up 2.)The movie says its avi and under properties it say mpeg layer... so which is it?oh when I tried to burn using nero it said that it was a svcd format so iI tried that and it again came up with an error.Any suggestions (besides goto VCDHELP.COM-I looking there also)Thanks for any help sincerley Ed O'Neill

-- Ed O'neill (, March 11, 2002


1) Video files play on your PC at the same size they were recorded at. Your DVD player will make the image be full screen on a TV if burned to VCD or SVCD, but since you said when you enlarge it gets blurry, you can expect that on your TV too. 2) What does the file name end in? If it ends in .AVI, it's an AVI file. If it ends in something like .MPG, .MP2, it's some time of MPEG. You can get the free bit rate viewer at and use it to examine your file to see if it really is MPEG-1 or 2. If the bit rate viewer can't read your file, it's not MPEG. Nero's error messages are not always helpful or correct, so it's hard to say what's going on here. Please note that many many many people on the Internet do not know what they are doing when they encode video and when you download something from the Internet, what you get may not play at all, may be recorded at very non-standard resolutions, frame rates, etc. You get what you pay for and that certainly applies here. Your downloaded video won't play? Tough. Talk to the guy who made it, if you can find him.

-- Jason (, March 11, 2002.

i would just like to add that if you full screen it(not just enlarge) ..thats pretty much what it will look like on the tv.whoever made the video probably made the screen size small to make the file size smaller for downloading.

-- john boy (, March 12, 2002.

Thanks guys that helps a little . I'm going to investigate this and let you guys now how i make out. Thanks again for your help Ed O'Neill

-- Ed O'Neill (, March 12, 2002.

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