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How about a Junkyard Wars for Kids? I am Eric Thompson and I love to watch the show. My friends and I like to build things. We already have a clubhouse, so I thought it would be fun to have a Junk Yard Wars for kids. I forgot to mention I am 10 years old. My brother is too. My friends are 10 and 14. I was thinking about making go-carts and sleds, catapults or other cool stuff. Thank you for reading my e-mail.

-- Eric S. Thompson (, March 10, 2002


nice idea sort of. i think it would be better iff the contestants where older like 13-18 and no kidey stuff it would have to be contestants who can run with the bigg dogs and build real machienes not sleeds!! a club house just wont cut it.

-- kevin (, October 29, 2002.

and dont diss my spelling i build not type

-- kevin (, October 29, 2002.

i totaly agree but yea it would have to be for 13-18 years of age i'm sorry but u carnt make any thing good and we wanna hurt ppl wit bombs not wit water oi write bak to my e-mail thanks i've got an auncale who does tv show filming so if u write bak we can get together and have a war and get on tv maybe

-- sean (tooextreme412@HOTMAIL.COM), June 27, 2004.

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