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Of course a larger camera will be more expensive, bulkier, and heavier. My question is what *functional* downsides are there to using an 8x10 with a 5x7 reducing back, which make it less desirable than using a 5x7 camera? I would guess that you could use 5x7 lenses on the 8x10, plus 8x10 lenses, for a net gain.

The one obvious point is movement restriction when the bellows is compressed, and with a bag bellows, and maybe a Wisner, which claims to have a minimum draw of 0mm, even this problem could be overcome.

What other points are missing from my beginner's unexperienced analysis?



-- Christopher Condit (, March 10, 2002


An upside is less bellows flare. Apart from weight, I don't see any.

-- Stephen Longmire (, March 10, 2002.

There may be a difference in the film plane location from one back to the other. If you are doing close-up work, this may affect exposure compensation calculations.

-- Andy Eads (, March 12, 2002.

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