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Any recommendations concerning the Schneider Tele-Xenar HM 5.6 400mm compact lens. I would use it on 4x5 field cameras, either a Wisner or a TK45s Use would be landscape, some limited architectural details and portraiture. I have a Fujinon 450 mm lens but find bellows extension plus wind factors that I cannot wrestle with predictably. I know the Schneider is heavy and in a #3 shutter, but since I used a Schneider 300mm Xenar in a similar shutter for years weight alone, unless the cameras cannot bear it, is not a major consideration. Image circle and filter size I am uncertain of and Schneider's website was unavailable for some reason. Thanks in advance,


-- Bob Moulton (, March 10, 2002



try this link from the German Website: 20e.pdf. It provides information in English.


-- Thilo Schmid (, March 10, 2002.

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