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Mar.30th still up in the air until tomorrow's decision, trying to reschedule Kucinich for another date as well.

From: "David Crockett Williams" To: ; "Debbie Pietsch" Cc: "Carol Rosin" ; "BrianO'Leary" Subject: Global Citizens Wednesday, March 20th? Date: Saturday, March 09, 2002 9:47 PM

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Dear Debbie,

Have you checked this date with Brian for scheduling? Seems about the right time to have another monthly session focusing on broader agenda of "Global Citizens For Sustainable Exhistence Now!" and I would make it. I promise I won't get lost this time on the way to Agape :-) "Do you know the way to the LA Agape...." :-)

I just spoke to Carol Rosin on the phone and Kucinich called her a few minutes ago indicating he is not available for Mar.30th but she will meet with team tomorrow to discuss advice on making the most of an event for Space Preservation Treaty that date at Agape anyway possibly including some, most or all of video of Kucinich's amazing speech in Malibu on the 23rd (not 28th as I had misremembered and put in my "2002 Domino Theory..." post of earlier today). Decision on the 30th (go or no go) will be made at that meeting tomorrow in Agoura (wherever that is :-) Seems to me like we should make the most of it if the venue is still available.

Brian should be back from Bahamas in next couple of days if not already. If 20th is ok with him and others I will try to get Alden Bryant to participate if agreeable to Brian and if Alden can come down from Berkeley (see reference to him in my 2002 Domino Theory post)

I too have been a bit overwhelmed with rapidity of pace since introduction of Space Preservation focus into Global Citizens agenda but it is a key rallying issue which warrants all available efforts to unite the various issue group activists into broader Global Citizens agenda, don't you think?

Thanks for all your hard work and devotion.


David 661-822-3309

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Hello Global Citizens,

Due to the luck of the Irish, the event that was being planned for March 30th has been postponed; allowing us more time to create the magic, the vision and the impact we all know this event will have. Iím excited to meet with you all and encourage you to bring your ideas, insights and manfestations to the table. We are currently working at bringing in major musical talents, celebrity voices, political advocates and shape shifters of all conscious raising groups. The space program has lovingly provided us the space to create this dream in the most magical and powerful way.

I look forward to seeing you at our next scheduled meeting, which is currently scheduled for Wednesday, March 20th.

Love, Light and Appreciation, Debbie Pietsch

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Hello Fellow Global Citizens,

As many of you may know, the event that was being planned for March 30th is no longer. Rather than getting into the details at this time, Iíd just like to express that from my experience some of the creative energy and vibrational energy didnít mix well. I believe that many of us have learned a tremendous amount from this experience and I encourage us to utilize this as we move forward together. I know thereís been a tremendous amount of energy swirling among and through many of us. I think itís important to recognize that and honor ourselves for the vehicles we are being. AND that the energy needs intention and direction which, in hindsight for me , was partially lacking due to our collective foundation not being in place from the get go. We moved from having our first meeting into creating a project without giving ourselves the time, space and respect of getting ourselves grounded as a group.

I would like to invite all of you who want to continue as Global Citizens For Sustainable Exhistence Now! to think about what that means to you. I think, in order to continue, we should set our foundation as a group before we can create alliances, projects or move forward with anything. Should we choose to create projects or events from that space, weíll be all that more powerful.

I will be partially be available through email and look forward to moving forward and creating from a place of togetherness and strength. Shall we set a meeting time for our next gathering? Iím thinking Wednesday, March 20th, what are your thoughts and availability? We may be able to do this at Agape.

As always, thank you to each of us for being the gifts and the light of who we are. May we all be on purpose while remembering to have fun in this playground called Planet Earth.

Love, Light and Appreciation, Debbie Pietsch

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2002

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