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I'm interested in solarizing polaroid negs. I have achieved this by accident and I was wondering if anyone had a more scientific method.

Thanks Garon

-- Garon Kiesel (, March 09, 2002


You may find some answers here:

Go to the part that says "create" and then blunder your way through it until you get to "other creative uses"...there is a pop-up window that explains how to solarize type 55. I haven't done this much, but you basically just briefly flash the film as it's processing.....

-- dk thompson (, April 05, 2002.

I will assume that you were using Type 52 p/n polariod film.

Unfortunately, the best way to solarize polaroid type 52 is to use it when it is very out of date. I too achieved the solarized look and when I could not repeat the process, I found that the material was dated and expired one year prior to my using it.

My success was achived by using the outdated material and not clearing the negative immediately. When you separate the negative from the print, you generally have to clear the negative immediately. The pola-goo still has a bit of developing action left, so if you separate the negative and do not clear it you may be able to solarize the negative. Place the negative in direct sunlight or another bright source and you will see the developing action on the negative. You will see the solarization take effect, and when you think it looks right, it is right. The one problem with this is that the goo can harden and damage the negative. However I have never had a negative destroyed. If the goo crystalizes, it will still wash off. Clear and dry the negative and your done. Again, I have only been successful with outdated type 52 in solarizing.

Hope this helps.


-- Don Hill (, April 19, 2002.

Whoops, that's Type 55 p/n...... Need my morning coffee.


-- Don Hill (, April 19, 2002.

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