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I am writting a paper on the role of women in the media and before submitting it i thoughti should atleast gather views on the challenges and merits women go through. Please anyone give me a feedback it will be highly appreciated.

-- khanali kombo (, March 09, 2002


I am also writing a project on the same topic am from nigeria have read much on it and i believe women are subordinated and made inferior to men not only in the media but in all other fields.This is so because women are believed to be weaker sex,fragile and submissive so because of this they are better off at home with thier roles as passive wives and mothers.In nig only 20% of those in the media are women and also only 4% are in the decision making position.i will appriciate if i can also get some information from you.

-- Bilkisu Dambam (, December 03, 2002.

hi i highly appreciate you for what you are doing and do mail me your report. thanks

-- mable thomas (, December 15, 2002.

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