The pain of love - Rita Byrne - 9 March 2002 : LUSENET : Experience into Words : One Thread

She watches with longing eyes / his listless body lying there / lacking any loving glance.

She hears his murmurs, / his moans, his muted mouthings. / Maybe someday, he will come to understand.

She speaks softly, Sean, can you see me. / Can you smell my scent? / How I wish you could say, or sing your song.

She ponders wistfully, am I wasting my time / wondering will he one day recognise me, / or even wave his hand?

Wisdom within, whispers gently, yes. / One day he will recognise you, / and walk with wonder, and hold your hand.

-----A mother as she gazes at her brain-damaged son. -----God the Father, as he gazes at his son, born a human.

-- Anonymous, March 09, 2002


Response to The pain of love.

Rita, Thank you for The Pain of Love. That pain has been mine too in different ways. I can feel it as I read your words. Anne Marie Lee.

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2002

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