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I have successfully removed and made minor repairs to New Canon FD mounts (bayonet) on several lenses. I am considering purchasing an 85mm f1.2L sight unseen. I know the aperture mechanism is in trouble. (I can't justify spending lots of money on a good condition lens of this focal length) If the damage is inside the mount itself, like the spring or actuator pins etc.. will I find useable replacement parts in the mount of another cheap FD lens like a 28mm or 50mm? Thank-you in advance!

-- John Crowe (, March 08, 2002


I think I know the lens you're talking about. I'm not proficient in the repair of of lenses, but just a couple of words of caution:

Try to find someone with real experience in repairing Canon lenses to answer your question. I usually call the Canon "factory" service center where I live, and speak to one of the techs. They can at least give you the low down on what's possible.

The other thing is, the lens you're talking about (if it's the same one I'm thinking of) was dropped, right? There could be other, significant problems with it; problems that may make the repair more complicated than just the aperture blades.

Buying camera stuff "as is" is risky: occasionally I've done pretty well and come out ahead, but mostly I end up regretting it, when I find out how extensive (read: expensive) the repair will be, and I end up turning around and reselling the thing "as is".

Just be careful...


-- Tim (, March 09, 2002.

Thank-you Tim!

Yes that is the lens I am talking about. I have used the Canon Canada tech here in Toronto and they have been extremely helpful in the past. I had not thought of them this time around. Thank-you for giving my head a shake and you have made some good comments about lenses in this condition. I will watch where the price goes and I will contact Canon. Thanks again, John Crowe

-- John Crowe (, March 09, 2002.

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