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Don't ask me why, but I am excited about Saturday. We have a stretch of about 5 miles on a park road that leads to the county park where people come to picnic, boat and camp. You would not believe the trash they leave on the roadside. Anyway, with a lot of effort a group has rounded up about 60 volunteers to pickup the litter, bag and leave it for another group to haul off in their trucks to the dump. We were rained out last weekend and it's a go for this Sat. I have about a mile section with some other people and I can't wait to see how it all will look when we get finished. Sure hope our presence discourages those litterbugs... and some of the locals as well. Still can't figure out what the mindset is of those who trash a beautiful area and dump household trash on the back roads. They are impossible to catch in the act. Just call me the Queen of Clean ! LOL C

-- Carole (, March 07, 2002


Carole, I admire what you are doing. A lot of people do not understand how beautiful nature is and don't care what they do to it.

Where I used to live we would clean the 3 mile stretch of road that lead up to our homes twice a year. Then the county would come out to pick up what we had gathered and it would usually fill 3 large dump trucks. We always had the same people out there cleaning, approximately 16 familys. We could never get the rest of the neighbors involved.

We would also have the car thieves bring out cars they had stollen and dump them on the side of the road. After about two weeks, the cars would be completely stripped, all the glass broken out and pushed into the woods and set on fire. It would take the fire department then approximately 45 minutes to respond. Probably the same bunch as was dumping all the garbage.

Again, I applaude your efforts. I also enjoy the beauty of nature, not garbage.

-- Terry (, March 08, 2002.

Good for you Carole! When I first red the title of your thread I was thinking a litter of baby animals. It happens! This is still a noble cause. Do you think this will become a regular event? Can you post signs?


-- Susan in MN (, March 09, 2002.

Susan, it almost *was* a litter of animals on the road. On th way to dinner last evening, the tiniest little black puppy was in the middle lane. None of the neighbors nearby knew anything about it, so we located a box for it, ended up bringing it to my house for the night. Such a cutie....but, the local rescue lady met me a the vet's early so I could go on with the trash pickup and took it with her. Speaking of dogs, they were loose everywhere barking and showing agressive behavior while we were picking up trash. I never saw so much junk...... all the beer bottles that were thrown out were broken, and why did my part of the road have so durn many dirty baby diapers??? Argh!! I lost count of the number of bags I personally had, and we only had half the people we expected. I suspect that was because we had to postpone it from the previous weekend due to weather. Other plans got in the way, and maybe the enthusiasm level waned. Anyway, it does give you a good feeling when it's over. I am dizzy though, I had my head lower than my knees for 3 hours this morning, bending over so much!! ( I sorta miss that little puppy ) C

-- Carole (, March 09, 2002.

Carole, if you guys do this again, which I hope you do, call the press. All newspapers and t.v. stations need positive, up beat things to put down for the day. Maybe it will draw more attention to the problem. It would be fun if you could talk a local station into puting one of their spy-cams and catch the people and cars, with license plates in the act. It might cause people to think first.


-- Susan in MN (, March 09, 2002.

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