APO 2x Extender vs. non-APO

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I also posted this question in the Leica Customer Forum:

R 2x extender I have been shopping for a 2x extender and was ready to bite the bullit and order the 2x APO. Today I found, and bought, a 2x non-APO extender (s/n 3422XXX) for one tenth the price of a new APO from Delta International. The item shows some minor wear on the barrel but the glass and internals are clear and clean. A case, caps, and original box were included.

The question is...Should I expect this extender to perform well with a 180/3.4 APO? How about my other non-APO primes or 35-70 zoom?

I know the current APO 2x will out perform this one, but by how much.

Thank you in advance.

-- Scott (PFD261@hotmail.com), March 07, 2002


If you have an R8 and use Rom Lenses, then definately buy the APO 2x ROM. This gives the camera all the smarts as to what focal length and max opening you have.

I have the 180/3.4 and with the 2xAPO the image is balls on sharp that is just unbelievable, Unlike the older Canon 2Xa I used to use. I can not comment on the non APO version.

Good Luck....Ed

-- Edwards (estrus@mc.net), March 08, 2002.

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