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There was a Piano Manufacturer at 64 East Park Street from the 1880's to the 1930's at least. It was called Winkler Pianos, I believe. I have a partial order statement with the address and logo on it. I want to know everything I can about it, but will start with what kinds of pianos they made, who ran it, who started it, and where... Two generations of my family are affiliated with it, at least.

-- Karen Winkler (winkey@partlycloudy.com), March 07, 2002


I have just gotten a old piano that was painted, but it looks like the name on it was winkler & .... There is a bag in the piano that is from a S.F. music shop and I wonder if my piano is a Winkler? I can not find a serial number ANYWHERE!!! Like I said I just got this maybe a week ago. I have not had anyone come out and look at it yet. The piano itself is a full size upright and is what I believe would be called an upright grand. It only has two foot petals, but does have 88 keys. I do not play and know next to nothing about piano's. If you have any info. for me I would love to hear it. When I have a pro. come out and look at this, I will write you and let you know what I have found out. We live in Santa Rosa, CA-So it may be a Winkler. Thanks for the lead:)

-- Marilee Pereira (marileepereira@yahoo.com), April 25, 2002.

Hi Karen,

I'm reading this in December 2003, so I'm not sure you're still hunting for info. I would suggest looking into the a book called the "Pierce Piano Atlas". It's the bible of piano technicians in North America and has the serial nos. and year of built of most pianos produced in the US. It usually also has a little note about the manufacturer, of which there were thousands (I'm NOT kidding)in the early 2oth century. Good luck Piano technician in Poland. :-)

-- J.J. Granas (Uniwaw@wp.pl), December 25, 2003.

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